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Ana Avalos received her degree in Horticulture from Santa Rosa Junior College and is a certified landscape designer and qualified water-efficient landscaper (QWEL). During her education, Ana, a Sonoma County resident for 20 years, worked at a local nursery and became intimately familiar with the needs and concerns of  horticulturalists and the community at large. She also learned which plants were favored by locals for their color, texture and longevity.

Upon graduation Ana began working for a local landscape maintenance company. She held a variety of supervisory positions which trained her to manage crews in maintenance, construction and irrigation. Ana's homegrown understanding of the needs and preferences of property managers helps her to deliver what clients want most - service, visual appeal, affordability. Ana was among the first in California to obtain QWEL certification, one of only two approved EPA WaterSense Irrigation Auditor training programs in the nation.

Pablo Valencia has lived and worked in Sonoma County's landscape management industry for over a decade. As the company's co-founder, Pablo provides extensive knowledge and expertise on daily operations and project management. His ability to motivate and inspire large groups of employees to perform their best on any project has helped to exceed clients' expectations. Pablo's people skills and love of the land has largely contributed to the success and prosperous word of mouth the company has experienced thus far.

Ana and Pablo's inspired vision of sustainability in landscape management and design and energetic entrepreneurial spirit contradicts the time-saving and corner-cutting practices used by many of their competitors. Colorful Impression Landscapes' exceptional service and dedication is evident in the colorful displays and healthy landscapes they create together, season after season.  

There are five different pruning techniques but most landscape companies use only one. Agapanthus, nandina, dietes and daylilies are just a few of the many plants that benefit from rejuvenation pruning for vibrant new growth and beautiful flower displays.

"Not only do they do great work, but their clean up is impeccable. And when it comes to finding irrigation leaks and problems, they're like detectives. Ana and her crew bend over backward to make sure we're well taken care of. Even other companies who stop by here asking for our landscaping business can see they're going to have a hard time beating Ana's rates, quality and service."

Randy FraryMaintenance Manager 
Harvest Park Apartments

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