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Water Management

Smart irrigation controllers use a combination of satellite technology and water conservation ideas to reduce outdoor watering by an average of 15-30 percent. Smart controllers use sensors and weather information to manage watering times and frequencies.

Colorful Impression Landscapes has a strong commitment to water conservation. We are dedicated to providing you with educational programs to encourage the efficient use of this precious resource. To help you save more, we will gather and review past water use reports for your property and find areas for improvement.

Our irrigation experts will develop a water management plan specific to your property and its microclimates. As water conservation leaders we perform detailed irrigation system checks when we start a new property, and regularly thereafter. As part of our approach to saving water and your money, our irrigation experts perform approved irrigation repairs within 24 hours.

Property managers are playing a very important role in saving and protecting our planet. We have personally experienced that prepared and educated property managers make intelligent decisions to save our natural resources. Contact us to receive a step by step guide we have developed to help protect the North Bay.

"Each time I contact Ana or Pablo with a request or issue, I get an immediate response. They are self-starters and need no supervision. I am extremely at ease knowing that I can count on them to ensure the quality of workmanship and keep me informed each week. Our campus has never looked better."

Danise Werner- Property Manager, Marion Park Apartments, Novato

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