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Design and Installation

Proper plant selection and placement adds value to your business and reduces air conditioning and heating costs while providing shelter and food for wildlife.

Our philosophy of sustainable landscape design, renovation and installation means low impact, low maintenance, low resource use, and frequently, low-cost landscaping that naturally integrates with the site and microclimates of our region. A well-designed and installed sustainable landscape will virtually take care of itself.

We'll provide a complete list of proposed plants with detailed information on growth rate and habits along with color photos. Our skill in plant selection and spacing for our region and its varying climate will help you save thousands of dollars over the long run.

We diligently follow the EPA's GreenScapes guidelines for waste reduction and resource protection.

"We are very pleased to have Colorful Impression servicing our community, this community has never looked so nice since they have been on board. When they started our property had a lot of landscape issues and they have addressed every one of them. I am glad they are with us."

Ron Locklear- Community Director, Americana Apartments, Rohnert Park

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